Ichika Nito × The TOYS EP “COLOURS" to release !

From Asia to the world. A heart-throbbing new song "COLOURS" by Ichika, a young talent who resonates beyond borders, and The TOYS, a young Thai singer is released

Ichika Nito × The TOYS EP “COLOURS" to release on 9th December , 2022

Ichika,  one of the most expected guitar hero in  Japan on new generation from Japan, and The TOYS, a young singer/musician representing Thailand. Their collaboration resulted in the remarkably touching song "COLOURS"! The R&B number, combining their sweet, lustrous voices with sophisticated, superb guitar work, creates a one-of-a-kind sound world that only they can depict

From Asia to the World...... their amazing progress beyond the border is just unstoppable


Ichika Nito × The TOYS
9th December, 2022 


▷Subscription link: https://ichikanito.lnk.to/COLOURS

Music Video : https://youtu.be/R1LI7VwzalI

Special site :  https://zicca-records.net/thetoys/